About Us


Who is the Keyman?

Hi, my name is Jaymie Schrot, and I’m the Keyman. After a career as an Operating Engineer that spanned several decades, working out of Local 324 in Detroit, I was looking for a part time business opportunity to fill the winter months here in Michigan, when road construction ground to a halt.

I thought of the adage spoken by many entrepreneurs over the years, “find a need and fill it”.

As an Operator, I thought about how difficult it sometimes was to find the right keys to fit the equipment I operated. You either purchased individual keys from dealers, an expensive endeavor, or you did like myself, and many fellow operators, you liberated them from rental equipment, and the machines of other contractors. This sparked an idea. What if you could find all the equipment keys you needed in one place? What if there were ready made sets of keys? No need to collect them individually!

And thus, the Keyman was born. Staring out with 14 different keys, I have grown to well over 100, along with replacement glass for heavy equipment, fuel caps, lighting, keys for agricultural tractors, lawn equipment, and even golf carts.